About Us

About the Edmond Center for Spine Care and Mobility

The Edmond Center for Spine Care and Mobility was founded by a wealthy Chiropractor to alleviate spinal and peripheral joint pain and to improve his patients’ overall health and quality of life. Dr. Anselmi’s non-invasive and non-surgical approach to musculo-skeletal medicine integrates chiropractic care with massage therapy, physical therapy and Active Release Techniques. We customize treatment protocols to address your specific needs based on an extensive physical and lifestyle evaluation.

Getting a patient out of pain is our primary goal, but finding the cause or root of the problem is what makes the difference. When you address the cause of pain, you can eliminate the symptoms all together. Our Modern approach to chiropractic is not a “quick fix” but rather a systematic approach to long term healing. We give patients the tools they need to maintain healthy spines for the rest of their lives.

Our straightforward and highly effective methods have earned him the only chiropractic affiliation with the Hospital for Special Surgery, located in New York, NY. This relationship places us in the presence of some of the greatest spine healers in the world that gives us an advantage when it happens to patient concern. If you need a spine specialist, a good chiropractor can facilitate the process and even join you during your consultation if needed.

Your Doctor’s interest in sports rehabilitation has prepared him to work with professional world-class athletes such as Ironman triathletes, marathoners, competitive swimmers, long distance bicyclists, NBA basketball players and pregnant women. That’s right – pregnant women go through major body changes throughout their pregnancies and need to be treated in much the same way any athlete would be.

The Edmond Center for Spine Care and Mobility is fully equipped with modern chiropractic equipment as well as x-ray technology. Your Chiropractor’s use of flexion distraction/traction tables can help eliminate chronic lower back pain and reduce muscle soreness from conditions such as a herniated discs.

Our evaluation and examination method includes:

Five Step Functional Movement Screening
Digital Posture Analysis
Core Stabilization Evaluation and Restoration Program
Body Balance for Posture Correction
Dr. Anselmi’s current certifications and memberships include:
Active Release Techniques ® (ART®) – Certified (Full Body)
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) – Corrective Exercise Specialist
North American Spine Society (NASS) – Member